'Entrainment can be reflected in the global environment, architecture, and even in our physiology. An electromagnetic field vibrates between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface 4-8Hz (called the Schumann resonance), which synnchronizes not only with that theta consciousness state of “oneness” and harmony with the universe, but is also said to be mathematically related to many sacred sites such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids.'

  'We seem to be wires for  imposing order on our perceptions, as the brain will pull out patterns from chaos even if none objectively exist. Watching a person walk on screen and putting music to that image, it will seem that their steps are in sync with the music, just because we tend toward entraining sound and image. This natural tendency can be manipulated consciously, working in conjunction or in counterpoint - by pulling our organic system to its limits and then breaking into new realities [...].'

  'A curious note on the root of the world “belicose”, meaning “warlike”, is that this world also is reflected in “bell” or “to make a loud noise” in Old English, perhaps because at that time the metal cannons were being melted into church bells, and vice versa. Bells symbolize the passage of time, reminding man of his mortality and fragility in the universe, just as war does.'

David Sonnenschein, Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice, and Sound Effects in Cinema, publisher: Michael Wiese Productions

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