'Jealousy is something hard to quell. It squeezes the heart like a hot hand. But quelled it must be. On the road to sexual liberation, the banishing of possessiveness is a decisive step; in matters of love, even more than in other domains, property leads to theft. My girlfriend attracts you, and you attract her; ergo, I’d be a shit and a fool to come between you or try to prevent you from sharing the ecstasy and fulfillment of loving each other. My beloved’s pleasure is mine as well, because I love her, and nothing is more important than her happiness. The transparency of our relationship precludes cheating, and hence precludes jealousy also. Of course, the reality isn’t always that simple, or as easy to manage. Quarrels and dramas are the lot of many a couple, and even the toughest sexual adventures are prey to fear, doubt, humiliation, and a myriad of other torments. Nonetheless, we must face our contradictions squarely, however painful or ridiculous they may be, rather than sink into the soothing comfort of obligatory fidelity. Passion is part of adventure, and there is no true adventure without risk.
   It’s not a matter of making a distinction between love and sex. On the contrary, even if it is never to be repeated, a sexual encounter has meaning only if the lovers involved exchange something tender and powerful. The exchange is total and cosmic. Like Transcendental Meditation or the use of peyote, sexual pleasure is a vector of knowledge and an opening on the universe. We take a sexual trip as we do an acid trip, with the sensation of accomplishing an initiation and a festive ritual. As Jacques Rigaut wrote, “I shall be as serious as pleasure itself.” Every orgasm brings a lighting flash of fulfillment, when for an instant infinity is glimpsed as a familiar friend. Romance is no longer an affair of the heart alone; fucking is an important part of it. Try telling that to our elders, to the people over thirty who for the most part were appalled and disturbed by our escapades! In our eyes, marriage was no longer the goal of couples. Now they could separate and reunite according to their own whim and desire, for in principle each partner could offer this freedom to the other. The last champions of monogamous orthodoxy objected—in vain—that if this was the case, each partner was selfishly protecting his or her own patch of independence. Why, they said, would anyone not help themselves to carnal pleasures that were formerly forbidden, which every present circumstance encouraged them to savor to the dregs?'
Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, 'Afterworld: Let It Blow', in Sex Press: The Sexual Revolution in the Underground Press, 1963-1979 compiled by Vincent Bernière & Mariel Primois, publisher: Abrams

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