'In his autobiography, Kinski Uncut, he describes his feelings towards you.

It is a highly fictitious book, not only when he describes me and our relationship. Page after page he keeps on coming back to me, almost like an obsessive compulsion. In some passages of this book I kind of had a hand in helping him to invent particularly vile expletives. Sometimes was sat on a wooden bench, looking over the landscape, and he said, ‘Werner, nobody will read this book if i do not write bad stuff about you. If I wrote that we get along well together, nobody would buy it. the scum only want to hear about the dirt. I came with a dictionary and we tried to find even fouler expressions. He needed money at the time and knew - quite rightly - that by writing a semi-pornographic rant against everyone and everything it would get some attention. He describes his childhood as one of such a poverty that he had to fight with the rats over the last piece of bread. In reality he grew up in a relatively well-to-do middle-class pharmacist’s household.'

Werner Herzog, from Herzog on Herzog, edited by Paul Cronin, publisher: Faber and Faber

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