'Situational homosexuality is socially constructed sexuality. All sexual performance is fundamentally situational and does not always result in long-lasting social psychological commitment to any one form of sexual activity. It is a process that draws on both intra-psychic scripts and cultural scenarios and integrates them into the interpersonal scripts of everyday social life. The theory of sexual scripts presumes that sexual performance is not about discovering and pursing one’s intrapsychic desires (the presumptive core sexual self), but about defining and constructing scenarios of desire using cultural scenarios and negotiating interpersonal situations [...]. The men who work in the gay porn industry—whether gay, straight or “sexual”— must all construct scripts in order to perform. In this way they are no different from any person engaging in sexual activity—since all sexual performance is situational.'

Jeffrey Escoffier, 'Gay-for-Pay: Straight Men and the Making of Gay Pornography', Qualitative Sociology, 26(4)

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