[Paris (?), 1924]

Dear friend,

        Are you still bored? I am too alone to take this business of boredom seriously on my own account. The things that exert an influence on us in Paris through friendship or from any other reason are idiotic. If what I express is something different from what I have to say, forgive me: which is to say that all this goes on being as muddled as it is. Nor do I believe that the extreme simplifications that I finish up with my own really mean anything, but it is not very hard to work out how I manage to get myself a bargain out of all the various prospects we come to believe in here in Paris. Of course we are not yet at the point of proceedings that can be bought into the open, but if hypocrisy makes us unwilling to risk anything more than the conviction that failure would bring us to the height of ridicule, I am all the more inclined to play and lose: I’m used to it. Clearly nothing of greater consequence than writing this page for example.
        In friendship,
        Georges Bataille

Georges Bataille’s letter to Michel Leiris, from Correspondence: Georges Bataille, Michel Leiris, edited with notes by Louis Yvert, translator: Liz Heron, publisher: Seagull Books

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