'Yes, I like this disorder. I work from this incoherence that I then subject to a line, to my own sign-posts. I’m someone fragmented, I’ve always worked on the fragment. It may look like a maze, completely anarhic, but it has internal coherence. I think I’m subject to no aesthetic, no law, no exterior constraints. Nothing paradoxical in my position: classical music gave me an immense amount of structures, of coherence. I play who I am, I’ve always been like that. All those musics, those practices... that knowledge has made me who I am. Sure, I had to unlearn for twenty years, I had to be in this form of chaos to manage to hear a sound, to reach this spontaneous gesture I believe in. This journey, this way, I have trodden with patience and passion. Paradoxical how passion creates impatience. It’s a long process, the Buddhists speak of the way. It’s about the nature of being, being in vibration and continuing to look ahead. Yes, the process is long, political and poetical, two powerful words I try to integrate, to live every day. It’s thanks to these experiences that you construct yourself with fragility and occasional arrogance, and that your identity and your personality are liberated.'

Joëlle Léandre, Solo: Conversations With Franck Medioni, translator: Jeffrey Grice, publisher: Kadima Collective

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